Programs & Activities

Programs & Activities

Philadelphia Children Access Nature (P-CAN) is a sustainable model for bringing developmentally appropriate STEM education to K-5th grade classrooms in the School District of Philadelphia. The P-CAN program works directly with teachers to improve their science teaching skills and strengthening their science content. Through professional development, modeling, mentoring and networking, teachers will cultivate their skills to provide high-quality and stimulating inquiry science and gain familiarity and comfort with science content to deliver it in a hands-on engaging manner.


  • Support science teaching aligned with the district’s Science CORE Modules.
  • Provide teachers with mentoring and hands-on training for using best practices for inquiry based science teaching.
  • Connect teachers with additional science resources in the Philadelphia area.

Professional Development Flyer

The P-CAN program has two important parts, a professional development open to all Philadelphia teachers and a P-CAN Fellows program for teachers that are dedicated to improving their science teaching.

In partnership with The Franklin Institute, Riverbend provides one week of professional development for K-5th teachers. Immersed in science education, teachers improve their science teaching skills and learn about the many science resources that Philadelphia has to offer. They learn about the world around them and how to make it relevant to their students.  Teachers that participate in the week-long institute can submit an application to become a P-CAN Fellow.

P-CAN Fellows work closely with Riverbend staff to improve science in their classrooms.  As a P-CAN Fellow, teachers receive many benefits, including:

  • Riverbend will conduct six in-class lessons in each Fellows classroom. Fellows actively participate as Riverbend models inquiry based teaching.
  • One field trip to a local science center for the Fellow’s class
  • Continued support and mentoring
  • P-CAN Science Enrichment Curriculum, with two out of the three Science CORE Modules for each grade K-5, includes 12 lessons per module
  • Support for additional professional development opportunities





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