Programs & Activities

Programs & Activities

Riverbend provides outreach programs serving children living in urban, underserved communities in our region thanks to funding from generous foundations and corporations. These programs fall under the umbrella name of Outreach to Children/Access to Nature, and are helping to build a well informed and environmentally minded community for children with little access to the natural world.

School Programs:





School Programs:

Montgomery County Children Access Nature

  • Norristown Area School District (NASD) – Through a wonderful partnership with the Norristown Area School District, Riverbend serves every third and fourth grade student at the District’s six elementary schools through a four-part program that includes professional development for teachers, in-class lessons and a field trip.  The third grade unit is around the topic of Water and Watersheds and the fourth grade unit is around the topic of Ecosystems. The program complements the district’s science curriculum and addresses the state academic standards for Science and Technology and Environment and Ecology. Offered since 2006, to date over 10,000 NASD students have participated in this program, with an average of 1,200 participating each year.
  • Conshohocken Elementary – Each year Riverbend provides program for the 2nd and 3rd grade students, including in-class lessons, a field trip and a six-week After-school Nature Club in both the fall and the spring.
  • Bridgeport Elementary – For many years, Riverbend has provides hands-on science programs that enrich the science curriculum of the 1st, 2nd and 4th grade students. Students learn about habitats, ecosystems and watersheds through in-class lessons and field trip experiences.



Philadelphia Children Access Nature (P-CAN)

  • One of the largest programs under the OCAN umbrella is the Philadelphia Children Access Nature (P-CAN) program.  P-CAN is a sustainable model for bringing developmentally appropriate STEM education to K-5th grade classrooms in the School District of Philadelphia. The P-CAN program works directly with teachers to improve their science teaching skills and strengthening their science content. Through professional development, modeling, mentoring and networking, teachers will cultivate their skills to provide high-quality and stimulating inquiry science and gain familiarity and comfort with science content to deliver it in a hands-on engaging manner. To learn more



Other Outreach to Children/Access to Nature School Programs

  • Urban League of Philadelphia’s Green League Program – Riverbend has partnered with the Urban League of Philadelphia to bring its Green League program to 2nd and 5th graders at two schools in the School District of Philadelphia, Steel and Cook-Wissahickon.  The six-part program includes in-class lessons and a field trip to Riverbend.
  • Head Start Centers in the School District of Philadelphia – Each winter, Riverbend educators bring live animals, artifacts and hands-on activities into Head Start classrooms throughout Philadelphia.  The four-part series is called the Animal Kingdom and explores basic sorting and classification with the pre-school students.



Summer Programs:

  • Lenfest Center – Since 2012, Riverbend has partnered with the Lenfest Center in Hunting Park to bring a week-long camp experience to the children of that neighborhood.  With daily field trips and an overnight camp-out, the program provides these children with important enrichment experience.



Funding provided by:
ASTM International
The Elsie Lee Garthwaite Memorial Foundation
The Hamilton Family Foundation
The Patricia Kind Family Foundation
Henkel Corporation
Janssen Biotech Inc.
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Henrietta Tower Wurt Memorial
Subaru Foundation
PNC Bank Foundation
Rosenlund Family Foundation
The Connelly Foundation

Since 2006, Riverbend has served over 18,000 children in the
Outreach to Children/Access to Nature program.





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