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Programs & Activities

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Riverbend's Camp

  • 10. Ten degrees cooler than most places in the summer
  • 9. Wonderful staff with low camper to educator ratios
  • 8. Cora the corn snake
  • 7. 30 Acres of ponds, forest, meadows, and stream
  • 6. Tons of tadpoles in the ponds
  • 5. Fresh air and exercise (No video games allowed!)
  • 4. Low key environment where "Kids can be Kids"
  • 3. Crayfish in the stream
  • 2. Lots of dirt (The Dirtier We Get the Happier We Are!)
  • 1. Magic Rocks


What parents say about Riverbend’s Camp!

"Attending Riverbend's summer camp has enabled my sons to understand more about nature and their role in helping take care of our environment. At a young age, the educators teach the children about doing important things to help the Earth. As they are growing up and returning to Riverbend throughout the school year and summers, they see what it truly means to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. We feel very fortunate to have Riverbend in our community and look forward to seeing its continued growth in the future!"

"What a fabulous is so wonderful to see your child with a grin from ear to ear while talking non-stop about their day."

"My child is covered from head to toe with dirt and happy as can be..."

"It is so well-organized. The trails, the creek adventures, the frog pond adventures....He simply loves it."


Who will be teaching my child?

Research has shown that in order to create a strong environmental ethic in children, they must spend time in a natural place where they feel comfortable and they need to have adults that show an interest in nature and the environment to guide them.  Riverbend prides itself on being a great place for children to explore and discover new things about themselves and the natural world.  So that our campers have strong role models as they explore the natural world, we strive to provide the best educators for our education programs.

Summer Environmental Educators serve as the main educators for each summer camp group, creating the curriculum and adapting the themes to their individual group.  These educators each have a college degree, or equivalent experience, and a passion for working with children in the outdoors.  Each summer we have a mix of new and returning educators, and each brings a unique mix of experiences and specialties to our camp.

Summer Camp Interns are a vital part of our summer camp team.  These college students work as a team with our educators to develop the activities and are especially important to our youngest groups of campers, providing a low adult to child ratio.  Many of our interns are pursuing a degree in education or environmental science, and see Riverbend as a wonderful place to learn while having a great time in the natural world.

Riverbend does a background check on all educators and interns, and the summer staff goes through a week-long training that includes First Aid and CPR certification, group management skills, and extensive information about teaching children in the outdoors.

Camp Junior Volunteers provide extra support to our camp groups.  Many of these teens are former campers that wanted to continue their Riverbend experience while gaining important life skills.  While not responsible for any direct supervision of the campers, these volunteers love to read stories, play games and help the campers make discoveries. 



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